Wind Differentials

Sectors of Expertise


Wind Industrial has had expertise and know-how in the automotive sector since 1999, when it obtained its first ISO 9001 certification. Also certified 14001 in 2001, the company maintains the best standards of management, productive and environmental process control and rigidity in traceability that the automotive supply chain demands.

Telecommunications sector

If you are looking for a partner to shape the future of telecommunications, welcome to Wind Industrial. We have accumulated 10 years of experience in this vast and fascinating field of activity. Developing and producing solutions to improve people's lives is part of what we do at Wind.

White Line Sector

Selecting the right partners for design, engineering and the production chain is essential for anyone looking to make a new product a reality. Here at Wind we have the team and the means of production needed to meet deadlines and eliminate risks. Our accumulated experience in more than 5 decades of acting allows us to act efficiently within the process of product development.

Productions Allowances

We are at your disposal to accelerate the production time of your customers. As a company specializing in outsourcing, it is Wind Industrial's mission to work together with its technical staff in developing the best productivity solutions.